Bottle Cap


The past four years I’ve kept a bottle cap near me. The bent edges where it was pulled from the bottle are like a fingerprint. I have mixed feelings about it. It doesn’t bring a smile to my face every day but it makes me whole and I hold it dear.

I love this bottle cap. I love everything about it.

The morning following Scunny’s accident I found it on the kitchen counter. It was the last bottle cap he popped and it has since become my good luck charm.

Now that we’re getting closer to the opening of Nacho Mama’s in Towson I’ve been going through all of the memorabilia Scunny and I collected. There is so much to sort through. Some of it is absolutely hilarious and I have no idea why he bought it, stole it or bartered for it. But all of it is uniquely him, us.

We have to redo part of the sidewalk out front of the building in Towson for a couple of reasons. I think I might sink the bottle cap in the new concrete when it’s poured. I think Scunny would have liked that.