Our Story

In 1994, a crazy Irishman named Scunny decided to open a Mexican restaurant in a Polish neighborhood. He was a young guy with a big dream and only enough start-up money for a pizza shop, yet he was stubborn enough to make the dream work. The Pizza and Wing Factory was born and opened more than 23 years ago.
Using the vacant space next door, Scunny allowed the flow from his carryout customers to sit on picnic tables and to B.Y.O.B. in the space that was soon to become Nacho Mama’s.

As Scunny painted and prepped the exterior, a local neighbor passerby inquired in his best Baltimore accent “I downt know why yooz would owpen a Mexican restaurant here. There ain’t no Mexicans here, we’re all Powlish.” Which is why we are famously known for our slogan “Where East Bawmer meets Mexico”. The Baltimore hot spot has become a household name for affordable, delicious Tex-Mex fare along with inventive pizzas, meaty wings and other classic favorites

Nacho Mama’s believes in tradition.

Every night, at 10 p.m. we kick off the evening fun by playing Journey tunes (for those of us that remember the band, Journey). You can imagine, the fun isn’t only during the day. Become one of the many that have joined the Century Club: drink one hundred Natty Boh beers, and get your name on the Century Club wall of fame. Don’t forget our very cool variety of tequilas, on our tequila menu.

Each year, for more than fifteen years, we have eagerly anticipated our annual bus trip on the Thursday before Christmas. We tour the flavor of Baltimore holiday décor, through the streets of the Dundalk district in Baltimore. Famously named The Tour de Dundalk, this one-of-a-kind event benefits our favorite charity, the Believe in Tomorrow Foundation. Over the years, the trip has grown to include two additional busses.

As we continue to add to our story we will look for you to be part of it, for years to come. Thanks for the support and recognizing that Baltimore’s story needs to be told. We’re happy to be part of it.

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Join Us

The food is just the beginning of this experience that keeps you coming back for more. Join us for Baltimore’s own Natty Boh beer. Try our famous margaritas; they’re served in a hubcap with one straw for each daring participant.

We embrace the spirit of Baltimore and the quirkiness of our city. The spirit of “The King” is everywhere you look, from our painted Elvis at the front door to the Velvet Elvis portraits that don the walls of our Elvis lounge. We are Ravens strong but respect the history of football in Baltimore with our collection of Colts memorabilia on the walls. We even have the original goal post from the famous 1958 World Championship game against the New York Giants.

For all of our quirkiness, there are also the rules.

Elvis has given us strict orders that he is not to “leave the building.” Be sure to look for him on your way into Nacho Mama’s. We still manage to keep him decorated for any given celebration. He has been painted so many times: purple for Ravens; green, white & orange for St. Patty’s day; orange & black for the O’s; red, white & blue for the Fourth of July; you name the occasion, Elvis will be there to celebrate the latest Baltimore event.


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